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« Stay connected to Internet everywhere »

Once installed on a PC-style computer, the HF-SOLUTION software enables isolated users, whether fixed or mobile, who have no means of directly connecting to a telephone network, to communicate with other users on a HF or VHF/UHF support. If one of the network stations is connected to the Internet, all the others can also openly access it.

« Secure all your stored or sent files »

The A851 is the ideal tool for protecting your computer data during backup or transportation. The A851 encrypts files and folders from Windows© Explorer. It can also protect sensitive parts of a document that has been created using a Windows© application. When integrated into any e-mail system, such as Lotus Notes©, Outlook©, Hotmail© or Yahoo©, it also secures your messages exchanged on the Internet network.
« Manage, locate and share your text or multimedia databases »

PictBase V5 is the most intuitive professional software solution on the market for managing all your digital documents from acquisition right through to their use throughout your organisation.

« Secure your entire IP flow »

The A891 MilcrIPt is the most reliable way of guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive data on a local network (LAN), the Internet, satellite links or wireless networks.
The A891 MilcrIPt personal box is connected as a line break between the user’s terminal (PC, IP telephone, satellite terminal, camera, etc.) and the network. It automatically encrypts all IP communications on-the-fly. The A891 MilcrIPt has been designed to meet the strictest security requirements encountered in civil, military or government applications, including major groups, embassies and the security services.